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Latest Projects

Creative designers focus on the simple beautiful look, experienced hardware engineers ensure the stable performance of the hardware and the software engineers specialize in IOS, android system development. Meanwhile, professional instruments ensure the strict professional product test.

Our latest progress


We launched the new beacon, which has a long standby time. The new beacon can work for two years with the button battery CR2032, it's longer than a button battery life.

The packaging of iB004/Beacon

There are six colors of the housing of iB004, and rubber oil is sprayed on the surface. We also designed the PMMA packaging specially, with a contracted exquisite paper card.

USB / Beacon

USB can be used with power adapter or mobile power supply, and it can be powered by alternating current (ac). It's very convenient and not restricted by the battery.


Indoor navigation service provides solutions for the enterprise to solve the store location navigation problems and send mobile advertisement such as sales promotion, new product, and discount coupons, personalized goods and so on to customers' mobile devices which enhance consumer's shopping experience and even realize proximity payment. Our technology and solution provide tracking, management and collect relevant consumer behavior and ability for enterprises. We also provide SDK for developers to develop their own app and all the interfaces are absolutely open.


year: 2014 | clients: beacon


year: 2012 | clients: beacon


year: 2012 | clients: stickers


year: 2014 | clients: beacon


year: 2014 | clients: beacon

stickers' app

year: 2014 | clients: stickers


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01 Functions

The function of the Jaalee Beacon is mainly focus on the information push.


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02Market prospect

Beacon Techonoly actually has a good market prospect and attracts more people to take up hardware distribution and navigation solution service.

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iBeacon Technology is based on Bluetooth 4.0. As one of the most important new features of IOS 7, iBeacon attracted more attention.

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